5 Living Legends & Their Importance In Hip Hop ( By Rapamania Van Silk )

THE IMPORTANCE OF THESE 5 LEGENDS REPRESENTING THE HIP HOP CULTURE! CHUCK D, ICE T, BIG DADDY KANE, DOUGIE FRESH AND RAKIM. These 5 have represented the Culture well and with all due Respect they still Represents it in 2016! If you ever had dealing with these brothers please lets us know about those Great Moments!

Some may say why these 5 Legends? Well from experience and we seen how all these Brothers career blossom from their beginning it is important to understand why these 5 were selected. Well it more of a Salutte..

Chuck D has always set standard whether it for his group Public Enemy or for others in this Culture. Chuck has fought many industry war for the Hip Hop Community dating back to the early 90’s when he was basically the 1st Hip Hop website to featured downloads of our music Mp3 and the RIAA came after him. For his respect for the Pioneering Legends of this Culture of keeping them busy with his www.Rapstation.com website which he gave time slots to different dj’s so they can still be heard by online radio keeps them relevant. His creation of www.HipHopGods.com is another site where there are featured interviews, Hip Hop Updates and he created a Hip Hop Gods Tours where several acts like Monie Love, Chubb Rock, Special Ed and others can get out on the road to be seen by their fans. To add this to his latest venture www spitdigital.com is a website where you can register your music for download just like ITUNES where you have more control of getting your music out to the public. In all my conversations with Chuck D and the many topics with his busy schedule never seem to amaze me but also the Respect he do have for the Pioneers and Legends of this Culture. I Salute my brother CHUCK D.

ICE T comes in from a different angle but still represents the Pioneering Legends on certain projects and things he might consider a good move or something that might not work right. You just gotta know Ice T but from being down once he came back to the Eastcoast working with Afrika Islam and signing groups to his Rhyme Syndicate label back then was great. But what got me was his “ART OF RAP” Documentary which featured many of the prominent rappers from different generations. There are some projects Ice T have supported and some he didn’t but to understand also his schedule for what he do and still having a touring career some may not understand. But the glory was when Ice T manager Mickey Bentson aka Mick Benzo Mick Benzo Mickey Bentson stay on top of things which brings me to say that THE ART OF RAP TOUR 2015 last summer was impressive. If some remember the line up it had 4 generation of Rap groups on both dates. Hopefully this summer we can see some female rappers on the ART OF RAP Tour and lets no forget the Final Level Podcast featuring Ice T and Mick Benzo which lately they have been interviewing the Pioneering Legends and Legends of this Culture. Its great thing to keep the Culture alive and you can hear the Podcast every Wednesday by visiting www.icetfinallevel.com I also Salute My Brother Ice T

BIG DADDY KANE! One of the most understanding brother you will ever meet. Our conversation sometimes are extensive and I always give this brother Praise for his knowledge and Respect for the Pioneering Legends. To see Big Daddy Kane a fews years ago at Kool Herc 40th Anniversary at Central Park was more than a Thank You Brother Kane but to see him up on stage with the Funky 4 plus 1 Lil Rodney C! Rodney Stone doing the Wildstyle Rap and he knew all the Lyrics. For me last year rapper Macklemore needed some Pioneering Legends to be on his new song and many may not know that it was Big Daddy Kane who orchestrated this connection by connecting Grandmaster Mele Mel Mele Mel Glover,Kool Moe Dee Kool Mo Dee and Grandmaster Caz to do the song. So when it told me about it I ask Kane Why didnt he do it? Kane said they wanted the Pioneers and that he wasn’t a Pioneer and that he has other projects like the new movie he in that he is doing and felt that they were owed that honor.
Kane is one of those brother who is about business and that is WHY I ALSO SALUTE BIG DADDY KANE!

DOUGIE FRESH! Some one I knew since he was 15 years old bugging me to put him and his man on a flyer. But Dougie has become a prominent player in the business. He grew up with most of the Pioneering Legends. Dougie creative skills now has him involved with T.V Productions and Producing now. Recently we discussed certain shows and ideas that might work or be implemented into the scheme of things that he is involved in. Dougie stays on the road touring or have a calendar fill with many dates. There much that can be said about this brother and there is a plan discussions about projects but we all must fall on the same page. I know the honorable respect Dougie Fresh has for everyome and I also Salute Dougie Fresh for his contribution to the Culture of Hip Hop

RAKIM! One if the most respected emcees of this Culture and you never heard sny controversy. With all due respect a person who for a while seem like he step awsy from the business but over the years started touring and doing shows. I wish back in 1991 when I had approached both Big Daddy Kane and Rakim about that battle for 500k that would have been one of the most event to have been partof our History. Recently there is word going around about a documentary that Rakim is Involved with a hopefully that whomever they were able to get Involved turns out to be a plus for these Pioneering Legends and Legends of the Hip Hop Culture. Just on that note I do Salute Rakim for his contribution to the Hip Hop Culture

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