CEO Flame

Burning the soul with his lyrical truth, this Augusta, GA native is destined to impact his generation and those to follow. With such as Scarface, T.I. and Jay-Z, there is no denying that this good looking, smooth rhyming, sophisticated wordsmith will go multi-platinum.
Outrunning his hustling days, he wanted to earn his living spitting fire instead. After heating up the South with his fiery lyrics, Flame has teamed up with music producers (DNR, Rell, Coptic, Purp, Vybe and DreamState) to ensure a cutting edge sound.
On his debut Mixtape ‘The Campaign’, Flame proves his worth with attention grabbing tracks such as ‘Dirty Money’. There’s no doubt with flawless production and scorching lyrics, Flame will be branding his mark into the world of rap with his first impression to the masses. He has already made such with brands like NOPI National Car Show, participating in an 18 city tour throughout the United States, and his unique style has sparked the interest of both major and independent labels such as Empire Music Group and Warner Brothers.
He takes the listener through his black and white world in multiple freestyles and original songs, etching such indelible lines as “13 wit a bookbag full of dope, money to me, but a fiends nap sack full of hope” into their minds. All eyes and ears should keep a look out for Flame as his fire begins to catch on.



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