Peace and welcome to DJPreme.com  This website was created by Dj Supreme The Silent Assassin for you. As you well know by now Dj Supreme is a lover of the Hip Hop Culture and this is his way of giving back to the community.       On this website you will view artist from the Golden era of Hip Hop that you would hear in Harlem World / The Fever / The Rooftop / Union Square etc.  to what you listen to now on commercial radio . You will have the ability to listen and download The Fleet Flavers Mixshows where DJ Supreme mixes Old School Hip Hop / R & B . The Mixtape section is where DJ Supreme  latest mixtapes will be available for download also. There are other sections that will be very valuable to you for example getting a spot on DA Assynators … This is the gallery where artist will be promoted to the world .  But for all you older individuals I have a special place titled O.S.A.W ( old school album of the week ) where I will place an album from the past for you to enjoy. Last but not least is the contact page this is how you communicate with me to inform me of your thoughts, keep in mind this website is for you so if there are any changes that need to be feel free to contact me. Thank you for joining DjPreme.com

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